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A new project, the VG33 arsenal

The Arsenal VG 33 is a French fighter aircraft of the Second World War. It was made of wood, powered by a Hispano-Suiza 12Y engine, and was 30 km/h faster than the famous Dewoitine 520. World War II, with the defeat of France in 1940, brought an end to the promising history of this fighter. The French air force had ordered 8,200 aircraft, but only 40 were produced when France collapsed on May 10, 1940. A few models then flew in the ranks of the luftwaffe.

Le modèle que je souhaite reproduire aura une envergure de 1m80 pour une longueur de 1 m40 et devrait peser 4 à 5 kgs. Le plan que j’utilise est celui dessiné par Daniel Boulanger, champion du monde d’aéromodélisme en F4D, une référence du monde de la maquette radiocommandé.

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