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Arsenal VG33: computer modelling

After a very long break, I resume my preparatory activities for the construction of the Arsenal VG 33 (plan D. Boulanger). First of all, I model the whole construction on sketchup, in order to identify the different construction phases and also to adapt the plan to the landing gear I will use. It will be an electron retract ER30eVo.

So I reproduced the different structural elements on Sketchup.

The structural elements are transferred to create the files for digital cutting.

For the fuselage, I started with a non-detailed general simulation to get the overall shape.

I would like to motorise it electrically with a sound system. Daniel’s plan was for a thermal motorisation so I’m going to modify the front. I am therefore starting to think about the assembly of the different fuselage elements and modelling the frames and other reinforcements that will be necessary.


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