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Epp indoor stampe Sv4


A new project of indoor plane, which is following my mini SV4. The latter is flying quite well, but a little too fast. I wanted to built a new one larger and hopefully light. the aim is to have a larger wing surface and consequently a low wing load. This model will be built in epp 3mm.

I used the mini sv4 plan that I increased to have a wingspan of 85 cm (33.5 inches). this plan allowed me to keep the original shape.


I added 2 cm(0.79 inche) to the noise to facilitate the balance of the plane.The assembly and reinforcments will be differents. I have to think again and find the best solution. Below is a picture of the various structural parts.


For the wings, I slide a carbon plate reinforcement of 3mm x 0.5 mm. I have Glued with cyano. I took care not to load too much glue.   


The weight of the cut pieces is 37.5 g, carbon reinforcements included.



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