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Epp Sv4 Stampe assembly almost finished ?

The assembly of the SV4 stampe in 85 cm epp is advancing and almost nearing its end. To start, I cut the location of the aileron servos which were then glued on site

Découpe des emplacements de servos des ailerons
Mise en place du servo d’aileron
Les servos d’ailerons sont en place

Installation of elevator and rudder servos. They are glued with a drop of hot glue.

Les servos d’aileron et de dérive

Horns are glued on the rear tail

Les guignols sont en place. Le plat de carbone visible permet de solidariser les 2 volets de profondeur.

To continue, I installed the flaps controls (ailerons, and elevator). I used a special indoor fine metal rod on the horns and servo paddles connected to a carbon rod. The assembly is secured by a heat-shrinkable sheath and taking care, of course, to adjust the control surfaces to neutral.

Vue sur la commande des ailerons
Vue sur la commande de profondeur, côté gugnol

The ESC is a 6A, the receiver is a special indoor futaba of approximately 5 g.

Finally, a compulsory passage on the scale. The beast has grown (too much). it now weighs 98 g. it remains the landing gear and the engine to fix. I expect 30 g more


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