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Fuselage formwork

Following the adventures of my Potez 58. I hope you still follow me

Today, it is the closure of the fuselage that is in the spotlight.
If you follow me, you must have noticed that I cogitated a good moment to resolve the cable runs back and forth to be scale model. Now that it’s over, I can lock it all inside. The sides are cut in plywood 0.4 towards the back and in ply 0.6 mm at the front. You have to build light really light, especially at the rear.

The above rear is glued

The inferior rear part is also glued

Formwork of the front part. The shape is rounded and must be cut so that the future windshield can be inserted.
Realization of cardboard templates. When everything is good, I used the template to cut the 0.5mm plywood.
Then sticking and I had to tape, “sandow” and even use rislan type clamp while the Uhu Hart dries.

The non-covered parts correspond to the “technical” parts for which I must cover with access hatches. The main issue is to have at the end an nearly exact scale model, as on the full scale size, for which no access hatches were present.


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