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Ignition, the magneto

And yes, the magneto which allows ignition when starting the engine on large aircraft is not yet reproduced on the dashboard. It is located on the far left; the number 1 on the photo below and you can see that it is missing on my reproduction.

below is an enlarged photo of the instrument of the 30’s period

It should be 6 mm in diameter. To start, I cut a 6 mm thick aluminum tube which I filled with balsa glued in the tube and a 7 mm washer to make the base.

The whole is sanded and presented on the scale board. Likewise, the magneto contact is printed on the right scale.

It remains to stick the washer, the tube filled with balsa and the image of the ignition.

The handle of the contactor is made in a piece of ABS of 5 mm long which is painted in silver color before being glued.The rivets are made with white glue and I used a carbon rod dipped in paint to paint them as precisely as possible


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