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My Potez 58, genesis of the project

The story started in 98 with the purchase of MVM where I discovered the Pierre Eclancher model scale model (see photo). Some time later, it is MRA which offers this model in semi- scale model. I bought the plan, but at that time, I begin and I do not launch. In the mid-2000s, I started the structure, fuselage and wing. The project will remain dormant for many years due to health concerns and family problems. In 2017, I started up again and I plan to finish this winter. I will try to make you follow this evolution and especially the finish. Bellow are some photos of Pierre Feyri’s model (H. Murcia construction I think), the first stages of construction dating from around 2010 and some photos of the plane in construction phase.

s-l400 (1)


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