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Rivets to replicate

To reproduce the rivets, I have the chance to work in a lab and I recovered an automatic and adjustable pipette which went to the trash.
With that, I should be able to make regular drops of glue…

Allalou (Pascal) is using a syringe from our little ones’ medicine boxes with a sharp needle. As far as I’m concerned, I used an automatic pipette set to 10 microliters and I diluted the white glue about halfway.

It’s not to tremble. The principle is to lightly press the plunger of the pipette so that the drop comes out at the end of the cone and is placed on the hood. The droplet by capillary action comes to rest on the hood. With 10 microliters, you can make 3 drops.

I reproduced the first row

And the 2 lines of rivets on the back part in accordance (at least I hope) with the size photo I had.

The drops as they dry lose volume and have become more discreet. In the last photos, they had just been dropped.


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