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The parts to be molded

Summer 2019: The weather was hot and dry this summer, I started the parts to be molded. This is to reproduce the wheel fairings and the bonnet as in the photos below. It will be with the well-known lost mold technique.

For fairings, no worries, I opened the plan and transfer the front and side view of the fairings.

For the engine cover, below, the shape shown on the plan.

My engine is bigger than the one mentioned on the plan.

No choice, I have to enlarge the hood. So I traced the new shape to reproduce on the plan.

So I traced the templates on a 15/10 plywood board

I started with my cutting saw…. which decided to be out of order tonight. The fixing system for the scroll blade broke apart into a thousand pieces. Grrrr.

Welcome back to the old method, a cutter, my hands and a sanding block. Here is the result.


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