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Potez 58, tailplane construction

The construction advances and continues with the realization of the tailplane. Rudder and elevator have biconvex profiles with a central core in 0.4 mm plywood. The construction is therefore done with a half rib wedged on the bench, same for the edges of attacks and trailing, then bonding of the core above. Once the glue has dried, add the second half ribs. The scalloping which gives this retro side that I love on these planes, is made with a dremel on which I put a sanding cylinder. I sanded slowly to obtain regular shapes. The whole is covered with solartex.

I really like the rendering of the solartex … Initialy, I put Oracotex, but it was heavier and less beautiful. In the picture below, you can see the central part of the wing still covered with this material.
I have since changed the coating of it by solartex to avoid differences in rendering

To be continued


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