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POTEZ 58, Part 3

At the end of 2016, I took over the construction of the Potez and in particular the tail plane, then installed the wing keys. February 2017 is the assembly of the club (CACH 37), I discussed with the president of my project and he said to me : “you should speak to Alban about it”. Alban Dury is one of the organizers of Anjou Ailes maquettes ( which is held every year on the first Easter weekend at the Museum of Angers. Alban is enthusiastic and asks me to participate. I exposed my model in progress and I was able to chat with all these big names well-known in scale airplane models. A little bit intimidated, I admit. I became aware of the rigor and the arduous way to go before arriving at the desired level.
Even if I felt very small next to the regulars. A little discouraged by my very amateur side, but I had my plane in my brain and even if it will certainly not be as beautiful and precise as I wanted, I continued with precious advices in mind. Finally this weekend was enriching and so instructive.

Some technical characteristics:
Wingspan 1.71 m (67.32 Inches)
Length: 1.13 m (44.49)
Wing profile: Clark Y
Profile of the rear tail: Biconvex
4 stroke OS 52 surpass engine
Expected weight: about 3 kgs, including motor, batteries, servos etc …
For scale model details, I want to reproduce the rivets, which seems not difficult to me, but it is especially the absence of detailed images which will be difficult to manage to know the rivets that were present on the real one.
The landing gear is quite tortuous and therefore …. I will have to brainstorm and find people who know how to work metal better than me.
For the rest, there will be the shrouds, the mold parts, plus scale model back and forth cables.


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