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Elevator seat

The wing has a Clark Y profile and is therefore flat on the lower surface, so no worries for the seat.
On the other hand the profile of the stab is biconvex, and therefore it will need a nice cradle to fit on the fuselage.
I pondered for a while and ended up making a fiberglass seat. Technique borrowed from Allalou-Pascal on its site for the construction of its P47.
I first packed the areas of the fuselage that should not be in contact with the resin. The stab is wrapped in layers of cling film.

I then prepared epoxy resin loaded with microballoon. I then soaked strips of fiberglass with the loaded resin and came to put the stabilizer in place. The stab is lightly pressed in place and allowed to dry for 48 hours.

In these close-up photos, we can clearly see the microballoon epoxy mixture which took the shape of the profile

After 48 hours (waiting time is long), the result is finally visible …

Then I cut out excess pieces with dremel

The elevator was presented in place on the fuselage. It fits perfectly. I am happy…


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