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Model scale details for fairings

For the finishing of the wheel fairings, I used a detailed enlargement of an old photo of the size which allowed me to see that I have to redraw the shapes. Which is done with a cutting disc. I have a total of 3 fairings.

I first redid a general sanding with very fine water paper to smooth the defects and remove all that is unnecessary.
First step, the domed rivets on the bottom of the fairing. I haven’t changed my habits and I’m still using a lab pipette and this time I took “Titebond” to rivet. The first rivets are installed.
An entire face is finished. Immediately after filing, the rivets seem very visible, but the next morning, they became barely visible, but nevertheless very present when touched (last photo)

After reproducing the rivets, I also added a sheet metal joint which is visible at the level of the wheel fastening systems. I did it with white glue. I am not very satisfied with the result which lacks realism for my taste. The lines are not regular enough, but I will be satisfied with it.
The detail to reproduce

The sheet metal line made with glue

Once dry. The tracing line is visible in transparency

Passage of a layer of filler.

Une couche de gris argenté. Séchage au soleil. Et oui il y avait du soleil hier…

I then proceeded to masking to add the red streaks. I must admit that it made me nervous … Really not easy with all these shapes and curves … Pfff …

Then red paint

Removal of the masks and here is the result…


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