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Reproduce the engine cover

After finishing the doors, I start the mockup details of the front part of the Potez 58. Below is an enlarged photo of the front part with the engine access hatches behind the hood.

We can clearly see that it is a metal sheet which covers the formwork part of the fuselage. I first drew lines on the fuselage of my model, where the details to be reproduced should be.

I could have been content to make them with lines of structures on the nose, but it would be too far from reality. So I “undressed” the nose of the fuselage.

To reproduce the cover, I used 4/10 plywood and the 7 mm piano hinge. I assembled the various elements with epoxy.

Then bonding on the nose of the fuselage.

I then did the same thing on the other side …

I’m happy with the result. My doors open and will allow me access to different elements, such as the candle heating battery. On the full-size plane, the hood was fully hinged to the bottom, but for the model, I glued the lower part.

It remains to reproduce all the details such as the rivets and the closure system.


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