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Start of epp SV4 assembly

The stampe consists of 2 wings cut in one piece each, the ruder and the rudder flap, as well as the elevator and its flaps. The fuselage consists of 3 parts, 2 parts constituting the vertical seat and a horizontal part which will be located between the 2 vertical parts.


I started by laying the horizontal part flat on the work surface. I added the lower vertical part of the fuselage and I kept the assembly at 90 ° with wedges and clamps. I then glued using cyano fluid, trying to put as little as possible.


Once dry, I put the low wing upside down and maintained it on the work surface with weights at the ends, and I just stick in place the vertical and horizontal lower part of the fuselage.


It’s time to lay the shrouds on which the upper wing will rest. They are made of carbon plate 3 x 1 mm


Then is the installation of the upper wing. This step is the most delicate, because you have to be careful to maintain both wings parallels. You can see in the photos below that the little brother is watching.


Weighing of the structure at this point of construction. The set weighs 45 g and is 7 g higher compared to all the elements cut out before painting.


A photo of the 2 versions so that you can see the scale


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