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Model details of the Potez 58


I continue my model learning by reproducing as much detail as possible of the cockpit equipment. On the program today, the lever located on the left side of the pilot. Honestly, I don’t know its function (the throttle may be), but I reproduced it. See the area circled in red in the picture below.
By the way, if anyone knows what it is, I’m interested… Thanks

Manette à reproduire cerclée de rouge. Red circled reproduction lever.

To make it, I cut a few mm round balsa wood. The handle is made of plywood dipped in water to reproduce the curvature towards the inside of the cockpit and the grip ball is made with a button or round decoration that you can see sewn on the ladies’ vests. After cutting and preparation, the parts are covered with cellulose dope and then coated with a filler before painting. The pieces are assembled, glued and given a layer of grey to finish off.

I glued the piece on the intended place and added the cable pulled by the mechanism which I made with an electric wire.

Next step, the driving sticks and the pedals …

I’m willing to give an opinion, even a very critical one, on my work. Now if you think it’s good, tell me too.


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